Targeted anti-inflammatory ocular steroid treatment1,2

Percentage of patients with complete AC cell clearing1

The primary endpoint was the proportion of patients with complete AC cell clearing (cell score=0) on postoperative day 8. Study protocol allowed for use of rescue medication only when the prespecified rescue criteria were met for AC cell grade ≥3 and/or AC flare grade ≥3 at a follow-up visit after surgery.1,2

With a single injection at the end of cataract surgery, anti-inflammatory efficacy begins as early as day 1 and continues through day 301

  • The percentage of patients who received DEXYCU (517 mcg) who had anterior chamber (AC) cell clearing on day 8 was 60% (n=94/156) vs 20% (n=16/80) in the placebo group1
  • The cumulative percentage of subjects receiving rescue medication of ocular steroid or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) by day 30 was significantly lower in the DEXYCU (517 mcg) treatment group (20%; n=31/156) compared to placebo (54%; n=43/80)1

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